Import Eclipse files into Case CATalyst seamlessly

Import Eclipse files into Case CATalyst seamlessly.

Case CATalyst Limited Release of Version 18 to 500 users to date.

Sarah Nageotte (NCRA Past President and Official Court Reporter in Ohio):  “Last month, one of my coworkers passed away unexpectedly. As the incoming chief reporter, I am in charge of all her files, and assigning the transcript orders.   99% of her notes and files are in Eclipse format.  Fortunately, her family has let me keep her laptop to get everything off of it work related and saved to my external hard drive (times 2), but I will soon (next week) need to give that back to them. ‘

“It is on my list right now to contact Eclipse next week to see how much it would be for me to purchase some kind of license or something to be able to just convert files, when necessary, into RTF so I can work with them in Case, get page estimates, assign and send them to other reporters, etc. ‘

“I'm not sure if it was something that led me to that post about the newest update and option in 18, but that would be a lifesaver for me at this time since I will be needing to give up the laptop that I have had access to since her passing.”

Stenograph sent the limited release of Vers. 18 so Sarah could run the conversion.

Sarah Nageotte: “I ran it and tested a file import from Eclipse with zero problems!  A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders immediately!!! After applying the format/layout changes, it was beautiful and synched wonderfully with the audio! THANK YOU!!!!  My life - honestly - has been made so much easier with this one change!”

This is a great testimonial. It would also be a huge lifesaver for those individuals/firms who network with users who use Eclipse and not Case CATalyst.

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