Best Practices for Charging the Luminex™ Battery

Best Practices for Charging the Luminex™ Battery
By: James Kuta – Stenograph Product Manager

One of the last things you ever want to have happen as a reporter is to show up to a job with a dead battery in your writer and no way of charging it. Understanding the best way to charge the battery will ensure that never happens to you. The Luminex battery can be charged two ways. You can either use the wall outlet charger or the USB cable. Having both charging options gives you flexibility, however, both charging options do not work the same way. Let’s take a look at the differences so you’ll know the best practice for charging your Luminex.

The best way to make sure you always have a fully charged battery to start the day is to use the wall charger that came with your Luminex. Plugging it in overnight will ensure you start every day with a full battery. You should be able to write for up to 20 hours on a full battery depending on Bluetooth® usage and display brightness.

The second option, charging via the USB cable, is a great way to get out of a sticky situation where your writer battery is low or dead and you do not have access to a wall outlet, but it is not going to ensure that you always have a fully charged battery. To avoid taking away a lot of power from your computer, and preferring instead to draw only as much power as needed, the Luminex will wait until there is only 30% battery charge remaining before it will start charging through the USB cable. If the Luminex was constantly trying to charge its battery by using the power from your computer, your computer’s battery would probably go dead much faster than normal.

For complete information about charging the Luminex battery, the Luminex Users Guide is available at, Support, Download Center, Manuals.

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