The Truth about Bluetooth Technology

The Truth about Bluetooth Technology
By Linda Fifield
Doris O. Wong Associates, Inc.

Writing realtime is serious business. Reporters want to make a connection with the writer and laptop as seamless and reliable as possible. For those reporters who want to get rid of the cables and external routers, Bluetooth is the way to go.

At a recent Liaison Committee meeting at STARtech16 in Chicago, the discussion of the reliability of Bluetooth came up. Support had been receiving calls about dropped connections. Reports like this go from support to software development to research the issues and concerns.

Many laptops are now being configured with a built-in Bluetooth adapter or wireless switch, and so reporters are using this technology to make their connection from laptop to writer. As many of you have found issues with sound quality from laptop to laptop, the same can be said for the reliability of the Bluetooth adapter installed in your computer. There are many manufacturers out there with different quality standards, and you never know which adapter you’ll get.

As a court reporter, we rely on the highest standards of quality and excellence in our equipment. If you want to use Bluetooth technology, Stenograph recommends the BlueSoleil® for your laptop and the Cirago® for the writer. This kit is recommended for many reasons.

• Stenograph has extensively tested the devices in-house and know that they are up to their high quality standards
• The adapters were the most reliable during testing and handled the writer going in and out of range much better than the competition. For example, you are in court and need to go to sidebar or in chambers. This connection works within a 100-meter (or 300-foot) range.

Many thanks to Megan Reid, Stenograph Senior Software Developer, for helping me understand the intricacies of Bluetooth and the importance of investing in reliable technology.


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