5 Tips from Stenograph Technical Support

5 Tips from Stenograph Technical Support
By Justin Sieger, Support Technical Advisor, Stenograph

Stenograph Technical Support answers over 60,000 Case CATalyst and Stenograph writer questions every year. Many times we notice a trend that customers are asking similar questions so we thought it would be a good idea to cover some of our more common questions and give tips on how get the answers.

1) When updating to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 you may notice that the Stenograph PDF printer is no longer installed. You can easily reinstall the printer by running the sgpdf.exe as Administrator, followed by the installpdfprinter.bat file located in the CAT4 folder. You can find all the steps to reinstalling the Stenograph PDF printer by going to www.stenographsolutions.com and searching for “Stenograph PDF Printer”

2) Some customers have noticed that while in CATalyst, the screen on their computer will go black for a few seconds and then return with a message appearing in the lower right corner saying “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered.” We have seen this on computers using the integrated Intel Graphics series of video cards. Although you may only experience this issue in Case CATalyst, the issue is also present in other programs such as streaming videos and video games. The cause of this issue is the drivers that control the display are failing and it is not Case CATalyst causing the issue.

Intel has said they are aware of the issue and have released updated drivers on their website. Stenograph recommends that if you are experiencing this issue; check your computer manufacturer’s website for the latest video drivers. Alternately, you can check Intel’s website for the latest drivers, but keep in mind that Intel’s drivers are general drivers and the computer manufacturer may have added extra features to them, so it’s best to check with the manufacturer first.

3) The Luminex is Stenograph’s lightest and most technologically advanced writer we have ever created, but there is some slight confusion about how the Luminex charges the battery via the USB cable. First, Stenograph recommends you always plug your AC charger into your Luminex when not in use; you cannot overcharge the battery. Second, when the USB cable is plugged in, the Luminex will charge the battery, only when the battery needs to be charged. It is a good idea to have your AC adapter with you in your Luminex case.

4) Case CATalyst version 17 comes with a new feature that allows numbers to attach to alphabetic characters using the {Glue} command. Say, for example, the letter “W” is defined in your dictionary as “{Glue}W”. You write the stroke for “{Glue}W followed by 2, the result is W2. There is an option to disable this feature by going to Translate, Options, Advanced and setting the option “Digits attach to {Glue} alphabet” to No.

5) Getting a new computer setup for Case CATalyst can seem like a daunting task. Restoring your files, setting up realtime and Audiosync may seem like hours of work, but it’s actually pretty simple. We created a guide to help Case CATalyst users setup their new computers quickly. This guide shows how to setup a new computer from scratch. The guide can be downloaded from the Stenograph Solution Center website by going to www.stenographsolutions.com and searching for “setup guide”.

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