Get Involved with STAR

Following is a list of STAR committee chairs.  If you are interested in assisting with any of the committees, please contact the appropriate Committee Chair below.

Constitution & Bylaws

Mark Renzi, Chair - [email protected]


Peggy Antone, Chair - [email protected]

Teresa Bishop - [email protected]

Nancy Bistany - [email protected]

James Connor - [email protected]

Ron Cope - [email protected]

Linda Fifield - [email protected]

Rick Greenspan - [email protected]

Leisha Hendrix - [email protected]

Kevin Hunt - [email protected]

Susan Ingraham - [email protected]

Micheal Johnson - [email protected]

Lisa Knight - [email protected]

Mike Miller - [email protected]

Susan Miller - [email protected]

Lisa Mudrick - [email protected]

John Schindhelm - [email protected]

Marketing/STAR Promotion/Social Media

Kim Neeson - [email protected]

Membership Committee

Merilee Johnson - [email protected]

Candice Andino - [email protected]


Christine Randall, Chair - crand[email protected]

Nominating Committee

Linda Fifield, Chair - [email protected]

Jan Ballman - [email protected]

Rick Levy - [email protected]

Policies and Procedures Ad Hoc Committee

James Connor - [email protected]

Susan Ingraham - [email protected]

Todd Mobley - [email protected]

Tara Hudson - [email protected]

Seminar Review

Linda Fifield - [email protected]

Karen Tyler - [email protected]

Nancy Bistany  - [email protected]

Melanie Sonntag - [email protected]