Champions for the Court Reporting Industry

The Society for the Technological Advancement of Reporting (STAR) is a professional, not-for-profit organization that works toward the advancement of the latest technologies in the court reporting industry. Our over 700 members are court reporting firm owners and individuals engaged in or associated with the practice of shorthand reporting, and/or operating a computer-assisted transcription (CAT) system.

The History of STAR

STAR was founded in 1990 to provide an organization for its members to exchange information, evaluate products, and facilitate relations with the manufacturers of CAT software and hardware in order to present their ideas with a united voice.

Since its inception, STAR members have taken an active part in delivering information that helps to enhance and improve CAT technology and related products. These innovations are presented through the STAR Liaison & Technology Committee, which works directly with CAT manufacturers.

STAR is the successor organization to the Baron Users Group (BUG), Stenographic Multi-Users Group (SMUG), and The Association for the Advancement of CAT Technology (TAACT).

Our Mission

STAR aims to provide its members with assistance in the maintenance, research and development, and deployment of the best available CAT technology and court reporting practices. The organization educates members regarding the most effective implementation of technology in their careers.

We strive to create a unified voice for the court reporting industry. In addition to providing members with training and networking opportunities, we identify relevant technologies and develop vendor relationships to meet the needs of court reporting professionals across the country.

Our goal is to unite a proactive family of progressive leaders in the verbatim information management profession, who work toward the common goal of promoting and furthering this essential field.

Mission Statement: STAR, the association where the court reporting industry, Stenograph users, and technology converge.

Benefits of STAR Membership

STAR members enjoy a range of benefits, from networking and educational opportunities to members-only discount savings on commonly used products in the profession.

Visit our Join STAR page for more information on the benefits of membership.

STAR Bylaws

Click here to download a PDF document containing our bylaws.


When Sarah Nageotte was faced with dealing with a multitude of Eclipse files from another reporter, she turned to Stenograph for help.  So Stenograph sent the limited release of Vers. 18 so Sarah could run the conversion.

“I ran it and tested a file import from Eclipse with zero problems!  A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders immediately!!! After applying the format/layout changes, it was beautiful and synched wonderfully with the audio! THANK YOU!!!!  My life - honestly - has been made so much easier with this one change!”

To read more about Sarah’s experience, click here.