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STAR is a membership organization for court reporting, shorthand reporting, and computer- assisted transcription (CAT) professionals. We give our over 700 members the opportunity to further their careers and businesses through the integration and advancement of the latest technologies in the court reporting industry. STAR provides its members with extensive training, educational resources, networking events, access to the latest CAT technologies, and more.

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Individual users like you can communicate with Stenograph through STAR’s Liaison/Technology Committee.  The committee is comprised of court reporting professionals who meet regularly with Stenograph management and programmers to relay information from users.   If you have an idea for improving your software or hardware work better, a complaint,  or any other suggestion that  you would like relayed to Stenograph, you can submit comments on the STAR Wish List to the Liaison Committee Chair.   The committee will review your submission and respond to you after they meet with Stenograph. 

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